"Begin doing what you want to do now, we are not living in eternity" 
"The best way to predict the future is to create it"
When the clock hit 12:00am on January 1, 2013 and we entered a new year, I decided that this was going to be MY year. I love fashion and have recently been wanting to blog and maybe even make youtube videos (I am still debating that), so I decided to start this blog. I might use it, I might not, but at least I know I created it and it is here for my use. I also started exercising to get fit and I have had great results so far, like I said this is MY year and like my quote says above, I am going to do what I love this year.

 I finally committed myself to making youtube videos and sticking to it. I was sitting on my desk watching a youtube video the other day, I don't remember whose video but they asked "If you could do anything that made you happy without worrying about money, what would it be?" I sat there and without even thinking too much about it I knew my answer was: YOUTUBE! I love fashion, and I am a graphic designer so I love being creative and what better way to combine design and fashion than to have my own youtube channel!

I pretty much could not live without youtube. I am subscribed to a lot of amazing people and they have become my television. I don't really watch tv, I watch Youtube. I love watching fashion and beauty gurus, but my favorite videos are vlogs. I feel like people on Youtube are more genuine than anyone could ever be on tv.

I have always loved videos more than photographs, while my friends always take pictures of everything, I always take videos of everything. My computer's memory always gets full because I have so many videos of my life that sometimes I don't know what to do with them (I still don't think I want to share them on Youtube, maybe someday but I'm not there yet).  There is just something very special about videos that can't be captured with photographs. I still can't believe somebody invented a way to capture moving pictures!

I want to start making outfit ideas, style guides, and lookbooks. They are essentially all the same thing, I just love putting together outfits with the clothes that I have in my closet and I feel like I just have basic clothes so I want to help those of you that don't have money to buy fancy clothes. My favorite fashion inspirations are wendyslookbook, evelina, and carahamelie03 from youtube. They always have the best outfits and I love their sense of style. I know I can't compare to them however, my clothes are not as amazing as theirs so the purpose of my channel will be to be able to relate to regular people like me. Welcome!