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8 Ways To Wear A Little Black Dress

I won't start this entry with "We all have a little black dress" because honestly I haven't found a little black dress that I love yet, therefore I don't personally have one in my closet. However, I know a lot of girls out there have a black dress that they love and wish they could wear more often but they can't find anywhere or anyway to wear it. Today I will give you 8 ideas you can use to wear your fabulous little black dress. I drew the pictures below, I am not a fashion designer so don't make fun of my drawings. =(

If you want to stand out, you need some color in your outfit. You can add a pop of color to your plain black dress. In the picture I drew I added red heels and a red clutch but you can use any color you want; from white, to pink, to yellow, etc. The possibilities are endless. You can also just add a colored statement necklace and keep your other accessories plain and minimal.

If you want to go for a rocker vibe you can add a leather jacket and some ankle booties to your outfit. You can choose a black jacket to keep your outfit dark and mysterious or you can add a different color to keep your outfit edgy. I decided to add a brown leather jacket and ankle booties in my drawing. If you want to accessorize you can add some spiked and studded jewelry.

If you want to wear your little black dress to church, work, family gathering, or somewhere where you need to be more conservative, this is the perfect outfit for you. You can start by wearing some dark tights under your dress; they can be plain black or patterned as long as the pattern is not too distracting. Then you can pair your dress with a nice blazer. Unless you are attending a funeral try not to make the blazer black however or else your outfit will be too dark. You can choose a navy blazer if you don't want to stand out that much, but if you are feeling brave you can wear any other color. Finish your outfit off with some black flats or heels.

Feeling a little bohemian or hippie? This trend is about looking effortlessly put together in earth tones with splashes of color like orange or red. You would probably not think of pairing your little black dress with western boots but they look great together. Wear a denim jacket on top of the dress and add a light-weight scarf (I chose a red scarf) for added flare and to add more to the trend you can choose a scarf that has beaded details. The most important part of the outfit is your jewelry, this trend is defined by lots of stacked mix and matched jewelry so don't be afraid to show off your jewelry collection.

You can wear your little black dress to school as well. You don't have to wear it with heels, you can add some comfortable loafers or flats if you are planning to walk a lot. You can also pair it with any cardigan that you think goes well with your dress and flats. You could also even wear a white button down shirt on the bottom of your dress and cardigan to make your look more sophisticated and scholarly.

If you want to be classy, you can wear your dress with a black bolero, ideally satin. You can also add some pearl necklaces at different lengths for added interest. Finish off the look with some black heels and you are ready for a glamorous night out. This outfit is simple but very luxurious.

You can definitely dress down your little black dress for a casual day out. Start by wearing a long flowy cardigan and cinch it at the waist. The cardigan can be any color you wish, you can wear a bright color to make your outfit pop or tone it down with a darker color. You can also pair the dress with some converse shoes for added comfort.

Finally, you can use your dress as a skirt. Pair it with a feminine button up blouse and add a belt to make it look like the shirt is tucked into your "skirt". Finish it off with some nude heels to make your legs look longer than they are. If you like the top of your dress you can also use it as a shirt. If your dress allows it, you could wear another skirt on top of the dress or even some pants to cover up the bottom part and use it as a top.

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