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Forever 21 haul + review

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A nail polish that matches any outfit...

S-age is just a number from Sephora by OPI

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How to wear green for St.Patrick's Day

I love going into my closet and finding different ways to wear my clothes. It feels so amazing to discover new outfits that I had never thought of before. There is no specific way on how I go about picking my outfits, they are defined by the way I am feeling that day. Sometimes I feel like wearing bold colors and sometimes I want to stay under the radar with neutral or dark colors. It always takes a few trying on of outfits to feel comfortable but stylish at the same time.

That is what I want my blog to be about. I want to help YOU discover new outfits with the clothes you already own. Maybe someday I will actually show you with pictures but I don't have the wardrobe I wish I had yet so I will be showing you through my drawings. I tried to make them more realistic and artistic this time around compared to my last post.

St.Patrick's is just around the corner so I thought I would start by giving you ideas on what to wear while still looking fashionable. I think green is a hard color to pull off for some people so I hope my style guide helps. Just remember that there are a lot of shades of green out there, you don't have to wear kelly green to celebrate this day. You could wear olive or mint or any other green that you have in your closet.

1. Sweater
If you happen to have a green jumper or pull over in your closet this is the outfit for you. This outfit is perfect if you are just doing something casual or maybe if you're not doing anything but want to be a little festive. I would pair the sweater with a white button-up shirt which I would hope most of you have in your closet because that is a wardrobe essential. I love how it looks when the white button-up pops out of the sweater, it just gives the outfit a little flare. Another wardrobe essential that you should have in your closet is a good pair of dark denim jeans. The jeans make this outfit casual and very comfortable but at the same time it still looks stylish. For shoes I would wear some leopard flats because leopard and green look really good together, but if you don't have flats with that pattern you could wear black flats or any other shoes that you think would match with your outfit. I would finish off the outfit with a chunky gold necklace and bracelet.

2. Skirt
If you randomly have a green skirt in your closet, this is the outfit for you. It could work with any skirt from bodycon to long and flowy. This outfit is good for those of you that are planning to do something a little bit fun that requires some dressing up. If it is too cold that day you could also wear some tights under the skirt to keep you warmer. I actually happen to randomly have a green skirt in my closet so this is how I would wear it. This outfit is pretty simple, you must all have a white t-shirt laying around so grab that shirt and tuck it into your skirt. I would wear a faux leather jacket over that shirt not only to keep me super warm but also to give the outfit an edgy look. Any type of shoes would work for this outfit, you could wear black heels, flats, or even boots. Finally I would finish the look off with a long gold pendant necklace, it doesn't matter what the pendant is but I think as long as it is a long chain it will look good. You could also wear some gold bracelets and rings and maybe include some green jewelry and you are good to go.

3. Pants
There is probably a higher chance that you might have a pair of green jeans, whether they are dark, bright, olive, or mint jeans. This outfit is great for those of you that want to be comfortable but look chic at the same time. I would wear the jeans with a pair of ankle booties, they could be black but I think cognac would complement the green better. I would also wear a belt the same color of the shoes and tuck in a gray shirt into the jeans. A black blazer is another wardrobe staple piece, but you could also wear a cardigan or any type of sweater with this look. Finish it off with any jewelry that you wish to wear.

4. Shirt
If you don't have anything green you can easily go buy a very inexpensive shirt at any store. There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to wearing a green shirt but this is one of the ways I would wear it. This outfit is great for those of you that want to be comfortable and semi-casual. The black skirt makes the outfit a little bit more fancy while the black boots dress it down. I love wearing boots with skirts because they keep you warmer but let you show off the best part of your legs. To keep yourself warm add any color cardigan that you think would match with your outfit. Finish off the look with any jewelry that you want.

5. Scarf
If you don't have any green clothing you can easily find a green scarf in any store and just throw it on top of any outfit. This outfit is casual and warm but looks put together. I would wear the scarf as a pop of color with a gray coat to keep me warm. I would wear a plain white shirt underneath and some black pants accompanied by cognac boots for added comfort. This look is a little plain so I would finish it off with some great jewelry pieces to add a little interest and sparkle.

Finally if you don't have anything that is green and really don't like wearing that color because it doesn't go well with your skin you can either buy green jewelry or just wear a green nail polish on your nails. This would give you a pop of color and it would be inexpensive so you wouldn't waste that much money on something that you will only wear once.

I hope I gave you some ideas on how to wear green for St. Patrick's day, please let me know what you will wear and what you will do that day down below in the comments. If you would like me to give you any styling tips on anything please let me know as well. Stay tuned for my next post.

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