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A nail polish that matches any outfit...

S-age is just a number from Sephora by OPI

I LOVE this nail polish! It really is the best nail polish I have ever bought. It is S-age is just a number from the Sephora by OPI Tinsel Town collection. This is a gold duo tone that has a green tint to it and is opaque in two coats. It is a beautiful color that matches anything you are wearing and catches the light very nicely. I have been using it non-stop, it is my go-to color at the moment because I don't have to worry about it not matching with my clothes. I have gotten a lot of compliments on it so apparently I am not the only one that loves it. If you are in search of a gold nail polish that will match with any outfit and make your nails look elegant and chic, this is the perfect nail polish for you.

Word to the wise:
When I first wore it I made the mistake of wearing it with a base coat and a top coat thinking it would last longer. I was wrong, it chipped off super quick and I was disappointed that I had spent so much money on a nail polish that doesn't even last long. However, the next time I wore it I decided to wear it with no base coat or top coat, just on my bare fingernails and it did the trick! It stayed on for a whole week without it getting as chipped, I trimmed my nails after a few days to take away the parts that were getting chipped and they looked freshly painted again. That would be my only advice, to not wear it with any base or top coats.

S-age is just a number from Sephora by OPI review and swatches