8 ways to spruce up your summer wardrobe

Are you ready for summer??
This year summer is coming on June 21, what are you going to buy to spruce up your summer wardrobe? It doesn't have to be anything expensive, it could be a little item that adds a pop of color or you can splurge on just one good item. I personally don't have that many summer items because my favorite season is fall, therefore my closet consists of warm pieces not suitable for summer. For your inspiration, I put together a list of pieces that I would like to buy for summer.

1. Maxi Dress
I don't own any maxi dresses because first of all I am not sure if I can pull them off yet, and second I haven't found one that flatters my body and that I love. I think buying a maxi dress will not only be useful for summer but it can also be transitioned into other seasons if you know how to style it. Maxi dresses will make you look effortlessly put together if you wear them with some cute sandals, a statement necklace, and a crop jacket.

2. Purse
If you are not brave enough to add some color to your clothes you can always add a pop of color with a purse.

3. Sandals
I have a few pairs of sandals but they are old and too plain for summer. I feel like I already built up my neutral collection of sandals so it is time to buy colorful sandals that can be used for a pop of color.

4. Flowy
The summer is all about relaxed flowy clothing so that it can keep you cool in the warm weather. Flowy clothing makes you look effortless, feminine, and flirty. From skirts, to shirts, to dresses, there is a lot to choose from so find something that you love and feel confident in.

5. Shorts
I love shorts more than skirts because they are more comfortable and you don't have to worry about the wind blowing up your skirt and exposing you. There are many styles and colors to choose from so pick one that you love and have fun styling.

6. Peplum
You either love it or you hate it but peplum has made its way in every store this season. From skirts to shirts to dresses this trend is a must if you want to create the illusion of having an hourglass figure and if you want to add a little flare to your outfit.

7. Printed leggings
If you want to stand out and make a statement, printed leggings are the way to go. There are so many leggings out this season that you can find an inexpensive one that will make you the center of attention. There are some interesting patterns out there, have a little fun.

8. Light jacket
Even though you might think summer is too hot to wear jackets, at night if it gets a little chilly you will want to have a light jacket that will keep you warm but not make you sweat. Lace jackets and denim jackets are perfect for summer because they can instantly glam up your outfit, they pair especially nice with maxi dresses. Look for jackets that have interesting detailing such as studs or a nice collar.

*Image credits: Love Culture, Forever 21, and Ebay

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