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Fashion Mistakes to Avoid in 2014

Happy New Year everyone!!
It feels like time went by so fast I remember like it was just yesterday when the clock hit 12 and it was 2013 and now it is 2014! A new year is always a great time to start fresh and break all those bad patterns you have and start new. I was contacted by the content coordinator from Paul Fredrick to share this article: CLICK HERE and use it as inspiration for my next blog and I thought it was a good idea for a topic. I know it might be controversial because everyone has a different style and not everyone is going to agree with me but in this article I will share the fashion mistakes or pet peeves that I hate seeing on women. This is just my opinion and I don't mean to offend anybody that has done this because I'm sure I have done one of the things I mention at least once in my lifetime.

1. Brands
My number one pet peeve is when girls wear brand clothes, shoes, and especially handbags that are "ugly" or not fashionable just because they are a famous brand. I personally hate wearing anything that has a brand or a logo plastered all over the item but that is just my opinion. Some people just like wearing brands to show off because they want to seem like they have money or something, which I don't understand the point of. I will not show any picture on this one because I don't want anybody to get mad or offended if I show a brand item that I think looks awful.

2. Muffin Tops
I think I might be guilty of this, which I hate to admit. I don't think I have a muffin top, I am actually quite skinny but I currently own some pants that make it seem like I have one which I hate but I honestly don't have any money right now to invest in pants that fit better which is why I always try to wear long shirts to cover that area. I probably shouldn't even bring this up because I feel like a hypocrite but it is one of my biggest pet peeves especially on myself.

3. Socks with open toe shoes
Weather it be sandals or heels I hate it when people wear socks with them. I just think they look distasteful and kind of ghetto. If you are going to wear socks, wear them with closed shoes where the socks will not be visible. Not sure if I like the second picture either but at least they look better than with open toe shoes.

4. Wrong size shoes
Especially when girls wear heels that they can't even walk in either because they are the wrong size or the heel is way too tall for them. I hate seeing girls when they walk with shoes that are not comfortable because you can clearly tell they cannot walk in them. Sometimes it's better to be more comfortable than wear the most gorgeous shoes ever because chances are the prettiest shoes are the most painful ones.

5. Glasses without lenses
Yes it might look cute I guess if you are into the nerdy look but I think glasses should only be worn when you need them and if they do not have any lenses in them then they should not be on your face. Even if they do have lenses but are not prescribed. Just my opinion.

6. Bad fitting clothes
 Clothes that are too baggy or too tight will never accentuate your figure and will make your body look horrible even if you have the nicest body in the world. Wear clothes that are your right size and try to accentuate your best features not hide them with baggy clothes or show off all your lumps with clothes that are too tight.

7. See through clothing
It might just be me but I hate seeing shirts that are see through and the bra is showing I just think it looks tacky and very unfashionable.

8. Bra straps
Speaking of, I hate seeing beautiful dresses or shirts ruined by exposed bra straps or even the back of the bra. If your bra shows it would be best to either not wear that clothing item or to buy a bra that will not show. Sometimes I feel like fashion designers design clothes without remembering that girls need to wear bras.

9. Anti gravity shoes
I personally don't even like the way these shoes look and I feel that they look uncomfortable to walk in as well. Just my opinion though because I know some people love these shoes. The ones in the picture are not that bad but I have seen some really unfashionable looking ones.

10. Flip flops
Finally I dislike seeing a perfect outfit ruined because the person was wearing flip flops with it. I think flip flops only belong in the beach and do not go well with a put together outfit because they are too casual, wear nice sandals instead.


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Again, these are all just my personal opinions and I do not mean to offend anybody with any of my fashion pet peeves. Please leave a comment if you have any pet peeves or fashion mistakes I didn't mention. It is always interesting to hear other people's pet peeves. Thanks!
I hope you all have a wonderful year, make it a great year!