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6 Wearable Spring Fashion Trends 2017

1. Pink
I have never been a fan of wearing pink simply because I feel like the color doesn't complement my skin, but bright pink is in for spring and if you know what shade of pink to choose from you can rock it this season. If you don't feel comfortable wearing such a bright color you can always wear pink shoes or accessories instead.

2. Florals
Forever 21 Spring Floral Dress    Lulus spring floral dress
Flowers bloom in the spring so it makes sense that they would make an appearance on what we are wearing. If you walk into your favorite store, you can be sure to find floral patterns printed on shoes, dresses, skirts, shirts, rompers, jackets, etc.

3. Stripes
BooHoo Stripe Off The Shoulder Swing Top
Bold and bright stripes made their way to the fashion runway for spring but you don't always have to wear big stripes in order to make a statement. It has been said vertical stripes make you look thinner, so keep that in mind.

4. Ruffles
Denim top with ruffles from Charlotte Russe  Forever 21 white jumpsuit with ruffles    Lulus coral dress with ruffles
Ruffles add a bit of excitement to any outfit. You might think they are only meant for little girls but you can definitely look sophisticated wearing them this season if you know how to style them correctly.

5. Lace-up
Forever21 coral lace-up dress  CharlotteRusse blue lace-up dress  Lulus pink fuchsia magenta lace-up dress
This trend has been around for a while now and I absolutely love it. I see it placed in all different parts of clothing from the front, to the back, to the sides and I think it adds the perfect amount of appeal to an outfit without overdoing it.

6. Chokers
Windsor Pink Velvet Choker  LoveCulture Champagne Satin Button Cami with Choker Sash   Lulus wine red velvet lace-up choker
You have probably seen everyone wearing these, I don't know how they became popular but now they are sold in many different colors and styles. Some shirts even include the choker already, those are my favorite because you don't even need jewelry to complete your outfit.